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Factors to Consider When Deciding on an E-commerce Platform

As an entrepreneur venturing into the digital landscape, one of the biggest decisions you would ever make is finding the right online platform. Where should you make your online home? You have various options for e-commerce platforms nowadays, which makes the process more complex. It involves examining their unique features and finding the best to fit the type of business you want to have.

But before you proceed with that kind of decision, there are some questions you need to ask yourself first. Doing so would help you narrow down your options and find the factors that matter most to your online business.

On Budget

Budget is one of the most critical factors you need to consider when building a business. E-commerce platforms’ prizes vary depending on the size of your business. How big of a medium are you planning to hold? Is it exclusively for your business, or are you planning to be a multi-vendor that allows other sellers to make their accounts and sell too?

Answering these questions can help you assess how big your business platform should be. You also need to consider the types of features, add-ons, and extensions that would make your online platform the best e-commerce site available. Have a target budget in mind before proceeding with your platform shopping.

On Business Growth

Every entrepreneur dreams of making it big someday. If this goal is in your plan x years from now, you might also want to consider it in your decision-making process. Growing your business depends on many factors, but one of them is a business platform that allows you to be seen by clients and customers.

Your chosen venue should be able to meet your business’s traffic demands and other needs you want for your business. They should be equipped with the right technology to help your business become more efficient, allowing it to grow.

On Customer-Friendliness

Indeed, your e-commerce site is for business use, but never forget that your online shoppers are its primary users. Their experience should be on top of your priority list. You need a platform that is easy for them to use and explore. You also would like them to have a secure and enjoyable online shopping experience.

Choose a platform with a clear navigation layout, an easy payment method, and a quick and easy processing scheme. Ensure that your chosen platform can seamlessly perform these actions.

On Backend Tools and Support

Errors are part of the whole experience. You cannot always avoid them, but that is not an excuse for not providing your customers with the best shopping experience. You need to be able to give your customers fast solutions in case errors occur on the site.

Your chosen platform should have the right troubleshooting elements that would keep it running smoothly. Check if your chosen platform has the management support tools you need for your online business before you purchase it.

On Optimisation

Another important consideration is its availability to work across various devices. Keep in mind that people are most likely to shop using their phones or tablets, but some still prefer to use their PCs or laptops when browsing. Make sure that your chosen platform offers optimisation for various devices for a more convenient way of shopping.


Before the ease of business brought by e-commerce platforms, you need to go through the arduous decision-making process first. This decision would significantly impact how your business would turn out, so try to make the best one. You can refer to online reviews or personal experiences when choosing.

Once you finalise your decision, make sure also to consider other business elements after. Having an accountant for your e-commerce site would make your business a smoother venture. The E-Commerce Accountant helps online entrepreneurs minimise their taxes and increase their profits, so contact us if you need help.

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