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4 Qualities That Make A Great Accountant

Looking for a reliable accountant is vital to running a business. After all, you’ll be trusting your business and its finances to them, so you want to make sure they do a great job. An exceptional accountant keeps your finances in good shape while helping you stay compliant, making them an essential long-term business partner.

However, finding the right accountant can be challenging. Although they may have the skills and expertise, you want to ensure that they’re compatible with your work ethic. The both of you will be working together to achieve the long-term vision of your company, so choosing the right one is critical to your success.

Here are four qualities found in a great accountant:

They’re Detail-Oriented

Numbers are tedious and tricky to handle, and working with them for a living requires acute attention to detail. A great accountant must have a keen eye to identify any errors or potential discrepancies in your company. Staying up to date on figures that need to be corrected will help you keep compliant and help you make informed decisions based on sound financial data, making this attention to detail crucial for your business.

A great accountant will also state your financial position accurately and comprehensively. The insight they offer will allow you to pinpoint areas for improvement and investigation, ensuring your business remains in good financial standing.

They Want You to Succeed

A great accountant isn’t just interested in doing their job. They genuinely want your company to succeed and work to become a valuable business partner to make this happen. Your success is their success!

While they’re tasked with crunching numbers, they can use their expertise to help you scale your business by identifying ripe opportunities. They also know how to shield your business from financial risks and threats, helping you thrive.

They’re Up to Date

Tax policies and requirements frequently change. As a business owner, you’re likely too focused on running your company and ensuring smooth daily operations to stay updated with the nuances of tax law. Tasking a qualified professional to focus on compliance will ensure that your business is always operating on the legal side of things.

Fortunately, an excellent accountant is always informed on the tax law changes, especially if they impact your business. They have the skills and knowledge to help you build tax-effective structures while helping you fulfil your annual tax obligations.

They Help You Find the Perfect Business Model

If you’re a startup, then you’re well aware of the importance of finding the right business model. Many new businesses crash and burn within the first few years of operation because they chose the wrong business model even though their idea was well-received.

An outstanding accountant has the experience and competence to help you find the right business model. As they’re intricately aware of your financial needs, they can help you identify the most optimal business model that will pivot you towards success. Great accountants are willing to sit down with you and help you tailor your business to a model that puts you ahead of the competition.


Exceptional accountants are indispensable in a business. They ensure that your business, especially if it’s a startup, has the right amount of liquidity while identifying opportunities to cut costs. These financial professionals prioritise the growth of your business, and these qualities will make them a crucial part of your business’s success.

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