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Why You Need an Accountant for Your E-Commerce Business

With the ongoing pandemic, many stores are still not opening their brick-and-mortar shops and would rather operate online. The Internet is an unlimited platform that any business, no matter what they’re offering or whether they’re a small startup or a huge corporation, can benefit from. It can even help expand your customer base and grow the business to new heights. However, setting up an e-commerce platform is not as simple as some might think.

First of all, you need to ensure that you have a reliable e-commerce accountant to keep the business’ finances in order. Here are several benefits that you will gain from hiring a professional to guide you when it comes to your sales and other financial matters:

They Can Help You Stay on Top of Tax Regulations and More

Online businesses can store stocks and send products from anywhere, and this usually means lower overhead and faster lead times. However, there may be some tax implications that you might not be aware of, especially if you’re storing your goods in different countries. It would help if you had an accountant who understands import and export regulations, taxes, and other legal compliance matters that are important when running an e-commerce business.

They Can Provide You with Comprehensive Reports

For you to keep track of your numbers, you need to have complete reports for every month, quarter, and year. That sounds easy enough, that is, until your business starts picking up and when you begin operating on different platforms.

For instance, you are selling on eBay, on Etsy, and Shopify. These three platforms offer different reporting methods, and familiarising yourself with all of them can be a tedious process. But if you have an accountant who is an expert in e-commerce matters, you won’t have to worry about these things. They can use those report methods and even present them to you in a way that you’ll easily understand your progress.

With a thorough report, you’ll see which particular areas of your business are bringing in profits and which ones need more improvement. Financial and management reports will also allow you to make the right decisions for your business.

They Can Help You Deal with Currency Complications

Among the best things about e-commerce is the opportunity to be a global brand that comes with it. You can earn foreign income, and that could be huge for your business, but it could also mean you’ll lose some amount to currency transactions. It may not matter much if you’re just selling a few items in other countries, but as your business gets bigger, those losses can rise as well.

A seasoned accountant can give you sound advice on what you can do to reduce those losses that come from currency exchange. You should also hire a professional with experience in dealing with keeping funds in different currencies and making necessary payments in those currencies to avoid exchanges that can help you cut losses.


An established e-commerce accounting firm can help you grow your online business by taking care of matters that involve your finances, taxes, and more. This is especially important if you have plans of taking your business global. From keeping books updated to making sure your taxes are taken care of and many others, an accountant specialising in e-commerce will take care of all the complicated financial tasks so that you can focus on other business matters!

The Ecommerce Accountant can provide you with reliable e-commerce accounting services in Australia that are tailored to your exact needs. Contact our team today to learn more about why we are your best accounting partner!

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