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Why ECommerce Businesses Need an Amazon Seller Accountant

Having a dedicated accountant to help you with your business is good—but this article will discuss why hiring Amazon accountants can benefit your online business even more!

Amazon is a great business platform; it allows you to sell your products to different people across the globe. If you want to grow and thrive in this platform, partnering with someone with expertise in the field can bring you more advantages for your business.

The Benefits of Working With an Amazon Seller Accountant

  • They can help increase your profits: Part of an accountant's job is recommending the best practices to help you save on expenses. Working with an accountant familiar with the field can help you promptly find the areas your business can improve to gain even more revenue. They can also spot costs that you must eliminate to make your business more efficient in the long run!

  • They can advise the best technology for your business: What sets an Amazon accountant apart from other accountants is how in tune they are with the latest technological innovations. They can recommend you with the best eCommerce technologies you can use to improve your business performance!

  • They understand how international taxation policies work: One significant quality of an Amazon seller accountant is their knowledge and experience with the complex international tax policies. Taxes in Europe are different from the US or the Asia Pacific; to comply correctly, you must know or at least have an experience with what you need to deal with!

How to Find the Right ECommerce Accountant for Your Amazon Business

Knowing the proper qualifications to seek from an employee can help you find the right people to work with. Here are some steps to consider when looking for an accountant for your Amazon business:

  • Check their qualifications: This may be a piece of generic advice, but when it comes to accounting, a degree is essential! Accounting is a technical topic and having the background and experience in this field is necessary for an effective service.

As mentioned, the most important thing when dealing with business in an international setting is understanding the international accounting standards. Your accountant should have a basic knowledge of that and apply it when preparing your business statements.

  • Check their work experience: The next thing you must consider is their experience. Remember that a regular business has different requirements than an eCommerce business! Anyone can get the same degree, but not all will get the same work experience.

One’s work experience can teach them new learnings and techniques about their particular field. As such, it’s best to ensure to hire a person that has relevant experience to your business! That way, you know that they can bring something valuable to the company.

  • Check their platform knowledge: Things will be easier for you and your accountant if they are familiar with how the Amazon platform operates. Knowing how transactions occur and how they process the payment is the first step to finding the best strategies to implement.

  • See if they have attention to detail: This qualification is a must for every accountant! Amazon deals with many transactions every day; as such, it is only crucial that you find a person who is organised and highly-keen on details to make sure that all your records will be arranged systematically!


Online transactions are different from regular business transactions. Working with an Amazon seller accountant can guarantee that you meet all the requirements and financial obligations you have. Because of their experience and technology and tax policies knowledge, these specialists can really give you an edge in your business

Do you need an Amazon specialist accountant to help you with your ECommerce business? The ECommerce Accountant can help you out! We are dedicated to assisting online entrepreneurs in making the most of their profit while minimising taxes. Contact us to book a FREE strategy session today!

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