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What Makes a Good Accounting Software for a Small Business

Good accounting software is what delivers the best efficiency and effectiveness rates for both accountants and bookkeeping professionals. Whether starting a small business or upgrading your software, these two are at the forefront of excellent accounting software.

Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing accounting software for your small business in Australia:

Integration of Hardware and Software

You won’t likely get all your needed software solutions from one provider, even when you’re a small business. Application software gets more specialised, and hardware advances over time, so developers must pick their concentration. With that said, every shop may offer one specific software, and you’ll have to get other software from other shops, too.

For a small business, that means you need to choose software and hardware that work together when you need them to. Moreover, it also means that if one tool gathers data while another processes information, data passing must be between the two without manual intervention.

Communication Platforms

Choose accounting software that talks to the communication platforms you use. That way, you’ll no longer have to do manual work. For instance, some accounting programs can be integrated into your email to scan through it. It can identify several things, such as expense receipts.

Moreover, many communication platforms used for project management also export data. For instance, the project management software can automatically trigger the accounting software to account for every task or milestone completed, with the payment status changing to earned.

Point of Sale Software

If your small business uses a point of sale (POS) or e-commerce platform, your accounting software should import sales data from your sales software. That ensures that you’re not missing out on important details that your accounting software can use for reporting.

It’s also important to remember that most cloud-based small business accounting software in Australia provides basic e-commerce or POS integration. Just be sure that you check your level of subscription and that it covers that integration.

Moreover, it should also put that integration in place if needed. You should also have expert support or tools needed if your e-commerce or POS software is under third-party integration.

HR and Rostering Tools

Your HR software must automate, centralise, and streamline all human resources management. That includes onboarding and payroll to leave applications and to roster or schedule. If you use that software to manage staff, ensure it integrates with your accounting software, so you don’t need to do manual work, such as entering employee costs.

You should also know that companies with HR or payroll software mostly create the most used accounting software in Australia. That is because they allow for automated journal entries, matching of payroll, and more.

Typically both accounting software and HR software provide security permissions to maintain internal controls over payroll processing.


When choosing your ideal accounting software, you must take these four considerations in mind. You must get the right accounting software for your small business to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

The ECommerce Accountant is a business advisor for online stores and influencers in Australia. We are accountants and bookkeepers dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs minimise tax and increase profit. Your small business deserves exemplary accounting service, which we provide. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help!

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