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10 Things an Accountant Can Do for Your Australian Business

You may have considered hiring an accountant to help manage your finances as a business owner. After all, keeping your finances in order is always essential, and an accountant can be a massive help in that regard. But what exactly can an accountant do for your Australian business? This blog post will discuss ten things an accountant can do for your business.

1. Help with Tax Preparation

One of the most important services an accountant can provide is help with your business’s tax preparation. An accountant can help you to ensure that you are taking all of the deductions that you are entitled to, as well as ensuring that you are filing all of the necessary paperwork accurately and on time.

2. Provide Advice on Business Structure

An accountant can provide advice on the best structure for your business. This can involve choosing between a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation. A different business structure may be more suitable depending on your goals and your business type.

3. Assist with Financial Forecasting and Budgeting

An accountant can help you to set up a budget, track your expenses, and forecast your financial future. This can benefit businesses of all sizes, as it can help you save money and ensure you are prepared for unexpected expenses.

4. Provide Advice on Accounting Software

An accountant can help you choose the best accounting software for your business. They can also assist with setting up the software and ensuring it is correctly configured for your business’s needs.

5. Help with Financial Reports

An accountant can help you to produce financial reports for investors, lenders, and other stakeholders. These reports are essential for running a successful business, as they provide an overview of your business’s financial health.

6. Analyse Business Performance

An accountant can help you to assess your business’s performance by analysing your financial data. This can be beneficial for identifying areas of weakness and allowing you to make better decisions to improve your business’s performance.

7. Provide Financial Advice

An accountant can provide valuable advice on financial matters. This can involve advice on the best practices for managing your finances and how to invest your money best. This includes helping you create a budget and cash flow plan and offering guidance on other financial matters.

8. Auditing

An accountant can also help you audit and verify your financial records' accuracy. This is important to ensure you’re filing accurate and up-to-date financial statements.

9. Investment Advice

An accountant can also provide you with investment advice. They can help you understand the different investment options available and discuss the pros and cons of other investments.

10. Legal Advice

Finally, an accountant can provide legal advice on various aspects of your business. This can include advice on setting up a company, understanding the laws that apply to your business, and more.


An accountant can provide a wealth of benefits to your business. From tax preparation and financial statements to business advice and legal advice, an accountant can be an invaluable asset to your company. If you’re seeking to hire an accountant for your Australian business, research and find an experienced, reliable professional.

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