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Start Your Small Business’ 2021 Right With These 3 Smart Tips

2020 has been indeed a tough year for small businesses in Australia. In just a matter of a few months, the health crisis impacted not only business operations but also supply chains and customer behaviours. Furthermore, brick-and-mortar stores saw a significant decrease in foot traffic, and ventures were forced to shift a significant part of their functions online.

Nevertheless, the year is not entirely hopeless. There have also been small businesses that were able to adapt to the new normal and adjust to the challenges. On top of that, some companies are even anticipating more opportunities in the future.

With this, you should know that the future is still bright for your small business despite the ongoing global pandemic. Furthermore, there are ways for you to begin your 2021 on the right track, such as the following these three smart tips:

1. Start Looking Around for the Best Financial Product

One of the biggest effects of the current crisis is that it altered your business’ cash flow in many ways. Considering this, you need to manage your financial resources smarter than ever moving forward. Doing so will help you keep your company afloat, especially since the pandemic is not expected to end any time soon.

One effective way to do this is by contacting your bank early and discussing your concerns with them. You need to find the right financial product for your new needs.

Working with a small business accountant in Australia is a smart move as well. Seeking expert help will enable you to prepare your venture for the coming year.

2. Strive to Understand Your Clients

While you may have been already doing this, it pays to remember that these are unprecedented times. You have to exert more effort when it comes to reaching out to your clients and understanding their new needs.

Considering this, it’s a smart strategy to invest in your client communication initiatives. Regularly getting in touch with them will enable you to discover their constantly evolving needs. Consequently, this puts you in the best position to offer them relevant product or service offerings. Ultimately, this lets you lock payments in through contracts and service agreements easily.

There’s nothing wrong with asking to lock clients in. In reality, this will help you ensure financial security for your business and guarantee income on a regular basis.

3. Don’t Wait for Things to Return to Normal

The health crisis has turned the world upside down—in all the wrong ways. With this, most of us naturally wish for things to go back to the way they were.

Unfortunately, the truth is that things won’t go back to normal any time soon. It may take a couple of years before businesses can hold physical operations again without the fear of spreading the virus.

Considering this, you need to proactively find new ways to keep your business afloat. You can’t afford to pause your functions and wait for things to normalise. You will have to make hard decisions due to the new situation, and you must act on them promptly. Doing so will help you keep your business up and running.


The crisis has hit Australian small businesses hard. It has caused some to lay off some workers, scale down their operations, or even close the whole company. Despite this, the future isn’t all dark and gloomy for all small companies.

As long as you stay resilient and strategic, you can help your venture survive during this time. In the long run, you may even be able to help it gain traction once again so that it can thrive in the coming years!

Need the expertise of a small business accountant in Australia to keep your small business afloat? We’re the ones for you! At The ECommerce Accountant, we’re all about minimising your taxes, increasing your profits and helping you protect your business. Allow us to help you prepare your venture for 2021—book a free strategy session now!

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