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Specialist Accountant: What Do they Offer and What's the Difference?

Accountancy is a diverse career that goes beyond crunching numbers and preparing taxes. They have integral roles in other business departments, including budget analysts, auditors, forensic, and more. These different specialties focus on key responsibilities that impact a company's bottom line, so choosing the right accountant to address your specific needs is critical.

What Makes a Specialist Accountant Different?

Specialist accountants have a narrower focus in areas that require a greater level of advice, outsourcing, or skills. Many businesses can benefit from having a general accountant on their team. Still, some stages in a company's operations require a dedicated professional to provide a higher quality of service and productivity.

With that in mind, the list below explores different types of accounting you should know so you can find the right financial professional for a specific segment in your business.

1. CPA: Certified Public Accountant

Just as the moniker suggests, CPAs refer to accountants with a higher degree of expertise involving a company's financial status. Beyond filing for tax returns, a CPA can take an advisor's role and help organizations make informed decisions regarding fiscal matters - from litigation services, consulting, audits, and even forensic accounting.

They are also key players in pushing a company closer to achieving its financial goals, which is why this position requires a certification from the Uniform CPA Examination on top of having a degree from an accredited accounting program.

2. Auditor

When it comes to analyzing a company's financial records, an auditor takes the lead as their goal is to ensure the accuracy and correctness of a company's books and accounting systems.

They are the best experts to hire if your business needs to outsource someone who needs to check for human errors in your records, which can make or mar your financial statement's credibility.

3. Management Accountant

Financial health can impact a company's future decisions, which means a management accountant can provide critical assistance when making strategies. Their valuable insights can shape the organization's success in various sectors - from budgeting, profitability analysis, and even risk management.

The Bottom Line: Exploring Different Areas of Accountancy and Choosing the Right One Who Suits Your Financial Needs

More than having a knack for numbers, accountants have a versatile range of skills to help organizations in more ways than one. Specialist accountants can conduct a comprehensive analysis of your financial health and create a forecast from past reports to bolster your competitive position in the industry.

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