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5 Telltale Signs You Need to Replace Your Bookkeeper

Be it small-house shops or large corporate brands, growing a business is challenging. There’s immense pressure to rake in sales to get a return on investment and earn money. In addition to that, there are other costs, such as payments for daily operations, monthly bills, supplies, and staffing. It’s not easy to do all of this on your own; that’s why you need to hire a trusted bookkeeper to ensure everything runs smoothly.

There’s a global rise of online brands in the market, and one of them could be yours! A competent Shopify bookkeeper is essential, whether to you or any other online business, no matter how small or big. Their role is vital in keeping your finances in check and in keeping you sane. However, things could quickly go awry if your commissioned bookkeeper is not handling their accounting-related tasks correctly. To help you identify when that is, here are the five telltale signs you need to replace your bookkeeper.

Sign #1: They Lack the Basic Knowledge.

This is an easy one to spot. Having the basic knowledge means your bookkeeper should know the basic accounting terminologies and processes. In fact, they should be the ones teaching you this!

If they don’t know the basics, it would be fair to doubt their capabilities in the long run. As early as this point, begin searching for a well-trained and seasoned accountant to take the job!

Sign #2: They Have Backlogs.

Every business owner needs to hire someone who prioritises them. If your bookkeeper often has tons of backlogs, it may show that they lack a sense of urgency.

With tasks piling up on top of one another, your business will not be able to thrive.

Sign #3: They Don’t Communicate Effectively.

With smartphones, communication apps, and social media, being unreachable is often a deliberate choice. When your bookkeeper doesn’t give you updates or barely replies at all, it could get extremely frustrating. Not being able to communicate, especially in times of urgency, is 100% unprofessional. Find an eCommerce CPA that you can rely on, period!

Sign #4: They’re Not Showing You Accurate Reports.

Trust must be established between the business owner and the bookkeeper. This is important because you will have to trust them to turn in books on time. On top of this, the reports they provide you must be insightful, honest, and, most of all, accurate.

If your bookkeeper or accountant cannot do these for your business, you will not be able to assess the financial status of your company.

Sign #5: They Can’t Take Accountability.

Be attentive to the behaviour of your present bookkeeper. Speak up when you notice issues, and see how they respond. If they can’t take accountability or blame someone or something else, there would be no point in arguing. Simply shut the conversation down and start looking for a bookkeeper who could be thorough with their work.


As an online business owner or manager, you’ll have other tasks lined up daily. This means that you won’t have the time to hold your bookkeeper’s hand, especially if they can’t handle their duties! This could slow your business down and affect your overall morale. So, on your end, make it a point to be aware of how an eCommerce accountant is supposed to be. This way, you won’t make the mistake of hiring someone incompetent.

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