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How to Select A New Accountant After A Relocation

Deciding to relocate to a new city or state can be daunting. The prospect of leaving behind familiar friends, family, and familiar places can be difficult to process.

However, after making a choice, attention shifts to the relocation logistics. A new accountant in Australia is one of the most crucial of these.

There are a few justifications for changing accountants.

You can tell that your accountant doesn't seem to care about your needs or "fit" with you. You might have relocated to a new place and chosen to work with a local if your accountant doesn't have time for you.

Whatever the cause, efficient provider movement demands careful planning and the implementation of the required safety precautions.

We've put up the advice below as a service to you:

How to Select A New Accountant After A Relocation

Look For Referrals

Your present accountant might be able to make a referral if you've recently moved and wish to work with a local specialist. If not, start interacting with others. You can find out who your friends or other business owners use and why by conversing with them.

Perform Analysis

Spend time looking them up once you have a basic list of regional accountants. Search Google for testimonials and recommendations.

Find A Subject-Matter Expert

Hiring an e-commerce accountant in Australia with experience in your industry is always advisable. They will be conversant with your issues and able to provide knowledgeable advice for reducing your tax liabilities.

Get Price Estimates

Which price model, a flat fee or hourly, suits you the best? Inquire with your accountant about their fees and associated costs. Be aware that hiring a professional accountant for a few thousand dollars a year could save you time and money.

Examine A Person's History

Make sure your new accountant has the necessary credentials. The Chartered Accountants Society, the Institute of Public Accountants, or both are necessary memberships for accountants.

Identify Them

You will frequently collaborate with your accountant. To determine whether you feel comfortable dealing with a new accountant, spend some time getting to know them. They don't have to be your closest friends, but you should like being around them and feel comfortable being yourself.

Discover how they can support the expansion of your company.

Discuss your company's future with your new accountant. Along with periodically taking care of your tax obligations, an experienced accountant will aid with the expansion of your company.

How To Change Your Accountant

Changing accountants shouldn't be a traumatic process. Follow these simple steps after doing your research to get the accountant who best suits your needs:

So that you and your previous accountant have a record of your choice, write them a letter. They will learn more about your new accountant from this letter. If you're still friends with them, call them and tell them you're transferring service providers.

Request copies of all your financial documentation. This will include all financial statements, the organisation's legal documents, and earlier tax filings.

You are not compelled by law to notify your former accountant before parting ways with them unless a contract still binds you. You don't even need to inform them in advance.

Of course, it might be considerate to let them know if you've been working with them for a while. If their firm is successful, there shouldn't be any hostility.

Even after a new accountant has been chosen, they might be able to intervene early and gather documents on your behalf. Inquire about how they can facilitate your transfer for you.


When relocating and choosing a new accountant, it is important to consider several factors. Firstly, you should check to see if the accounting for an e-commerce business has the credentials and experience to handle your finances.

Additionally, it would help if you took the time to understand the accountant's fees and services and their payment options. Lastly, it would help if you also considered the accountant's communication style and whether or not they are accessible.

Taking the time to research and compare different accountants will help you make the best decision for your financial needs when relocating.

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