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3 Payment Platform Options For Your Small Business

In today’s highly competitive world, finding innovative ways to cater to your customers is the key to success. Thanks to the progress given by the digital revolution, small businesses now have access to world-class marketing campaigns, along with the most integral part of any retail store—payment options.

In the digital landscape, online payment options are crucial. This makes investing in the right platforms paramount, as doing so allows you to enjoy better revenue streams and opportunities. Simply put, small business owners now have the power to cater to a global audience.

The question now stands—what kind of online payment methods can your business offer? Here are some of the best ones:

Option #1: Stripe

Stripe is a rising eCommerce payment platform, designed specifically for businesses catering to international clients. It comes with Checkout, which is an embedded payment platform that can be incorporated into your website directly. Your customers won’t need to worry about being redirected from your website, all just to finalize their sales.

Similarly, you don’t have to worry about them losing their interest in the purchase, which mostly happens due to a complex process. The fewer steps they take, the more successful the sales process will be!

Note: Stripe charges around 2.0% of the current exchange rate per transaction.

Option #2: Square

Square has already made a mark in the retail world, especially since it’s already been established in the Point of Sale industry, where the platform has revolutionized the payment system forever. Here, business owners can accept online credit card payments, allowing you to offer more payment options.

The platform also comes with powerful features, such as eCommerce APIs that allow you to develop custom checkout portals, embedded right into your website.

Note: Online fees are higher with Stripe, running at 2.9% per transaction. However, they provide packages for small businesses, allowing you better control and flexibility over what your business needs.

Option #3: PayPal

Perhaps the most prevalent on the market is PayPal, which is one of the most popular online payment platforms around the world. Its interface allows you to receive payments from other PayPal users, along with credit and debit card payments. It’s the perfect platform for small businesses, especially considering the affordable fees it provides. The very name also allows you to enjoy a better reputation, especially since the brand is already trusted among communities.

Note: Given its place and nature in the industry, PayPal comes with steep prices, especially if you choose to cater to international clients. Expect to be charged at least 4.4% of the total transaction amount, plus fixed fees depending on the currency involved.

The Bottom Line

The online payment options listed above are just some of the most promising in the market, especially given the names and branding they carry. Not only do you ensure quality service, but you can also benefit from the trustworthiness they can provide your business.

Ultimately, however, the best payment system for your small business will be the one that best suits your needs. As a business owner, you’ll want to pursue growth—and the right payment online platform will allow you to achieve just that.

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