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Newbie eCommerce Seller Struggles: How to Overcome Them

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a pause on various aspects of society, but the eCommerce's share of the retail market has been growing consistently. In a time of social distancing, buying goods and services online has been the go-to. For this reason, more business owners are getting into the eCommerce game and taking advantage of this powerful sales opportunity.

However, establishing your business online isn't a walk in the park. The reality is that new online sellers and merchants will face a series of struggles before their brand takes root in the digital marketplace due to various factors. A faulty marketing approach, undeveloped online strategies, and failure to keep finances in check are the biggest reasons new merchants fail in eCommerce.

For this reason, many eCommerce sellers work with online business advisors and experienced eCommerce accountants to ensure that their business operates smoothly in a very competitive marketplace.

To help you troubleshoot your online business, here are some common struggles newbie eCommerce sellers face and how to deal with them.

Problem #1: Lack of Brand Recognition

Before becoming an eCommerce retailer, you're probably aware of how saturated the digital marketplace is. Therefore, it makes sense to establish brand recognition early on in the game, but this is where most new eCommerce sellers fall short.

Undeniably, building brand recognition is challenging. This is because customers will often choose brands they're familiar with, and it can be hard to establish your brand if people aren't buying your products.

The Solution: Dominate Social Media Platforms

One of the best ways to get recognised is by making relevant social media noise through compelling and helpful content.

You can do this by setting up brand pages on the top social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. To help boost your views, impressions, and reach, consider buying ad placements on these platforms as well. And lastly, collaborating with social media influencers will help sell the lifestyle your products provide.

Problem #2: Gaining The Trust of Customers

Perhaps you got the attention of your target market, what now? The next challenge you'll face is converting them from leads to buying customers. Even if you have customers browsing your products, it's still important that they follow your call-to-action and for you to make that sale, which is why many retailers struggle with this problem.

The Solution: Develop Your Story

The best way to convince your customer to buy your products and services is by controlling how they see your brand. You can do this by being transparent and sharing your brand's story.

Make your customers know your brand fully by sharing your values and your brand's message. Besides that, being transparent about your products and services will encourage them to trust you more.

Problem #3: Dealing With Confusing Logistics

The blood that keeps your business alive is your logistics. Having a smooth shipping process and solid communication between your suppliers and warehouse will always ensure the exceptional customer experience. Without putting logistics in your top priority, your online reputation may get severely affected.

The Solution: Work With The Right Partners

The great thing about dealing with any business is that you don't have to do things alone, and you can curate a team that will improve business operations. Ensure that you have a reliable producer, work with a reputable courier system, have exemplary customer support, and credible eCommerce accountant working with you every day for hassle-free operations.

The Bottom Line: Establishing Your Brand Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Once you've launched your brand online, you'll understand why it's essential to know the challenges you may face and how to deal with them. By developing strong sales strategies and working with a reliable team, including business advisors, marketers, and eCommerce accountants, you'll be able to establish your brand in the digital marketplace with ease and confidence.

Do You Need Help Navigating The eCommerce Market?

It's true that eCommerce isn't an easy thing to take. But with the help of business advisors, you'll be able to reach your online business goals in no time. Our team provides eCommerce accountants and business advisors to help your brand flourish in the competitive eCommerce market. Call (07) 5504 1999 and let's start building your brand!

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