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The Biggest Mistakes Amazon Sellers Must Avoid at all Costs

There's no denying that the world of business can be unpredictable. Even so, every business that provides a service or product is expected to maintain a certain level of standard operating procedures. There are some mistakes you can't afford to make.

As an Amazon seller, whether you're new or old, you are not only representing your business but Amazon as well. By being on the platform, you agree to their terms and conditions. As a seller and business owner, you have to adhere to their standards because the people buying from the site are Amazon customers first and foremost.

All that said, to help you find success as a seller on Amazon, here are a few mistakes you should avoid making at all costs:

Selling Counterfeit Products

Amazon has a strict policy regarding the selling of counterfeit goods. The sale of counterfeit goods (or using them as a selling strategy) can result in your Amazon account being permanently removed and your seller account disabled.

This is because Amazon considers counterfeit products, and any activity related to them, as a "bad actor" activity. As a seller, you need to be very careful and deliberate about the products you sell and the products you promote. Keep an eye on the quality of the products.

Using Amazon to Guide Customers to Your Website

It's perfectly fine for you to advertise your website on your product listings, but if you're using an email platform to sell products that you're not actually selling through Amazon, then you're breaking the rules.

Selling on Amazon is a privilege. If you want to sell your product on your website, there are third-party services you can pay for that will send your product to an Amazon warehouse and redirect your customers to your website.

Expensive and Late Shipping

Amazon customers have been conditioned to expect fast shipping. You can't afford to disappoint them. Amazon customers expect your products to show up in a timely manner. They expect your products to be of good quality.

If they order a product from you and don't get it within a reasonable amount of time, they'll think it is poorly made. They'll assume you're a scammer and will leave a bad review.

False Advertising

According to Amazon's policy, you cannot advertise that you have a product that you don't have in stock. You cannot mislead customers into thinking that you have a product that you don't. You cannot put up a listing that you know you don't have any intention of selling.

If you advertise that you have a product and don't, you're putting your account at risk.

Ignoring Amazon's Policies and Guidelines

You need to follow Amazon's policies and guidelines, even if you're just experimenting with the platform. Everything you need to know is laid out in plain English in Amazon's policies and guidelines. If you don't, you'll risk having your account taken down.

The Bottom Line

Amazon has made it clear that they do not tolerate bad business practices. If you're caught, you will be punished. It is a very competitive marketplace that is very friendly to sellers but offers a level of competition that is difficult to surpass. There's a reason why Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world.

As a seller, you need to play by the rules and set the proper foundation for your business. If you do, you can be as successful as you want to be.

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