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How to Manage Your Business Finance During COVID-19

Several months have passed since the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the entire globe. Most industries have not recovered yet, and many businesses are still forced to shut down. As a result, some resorted to working from home to keep their company operating and earning despite the pandemic.

Given that situation, several companies are struggling with how they should correctly manage their business finances remotely. Now that face-to-face contacts are not viable, business owners and managers try to create a system to manage their ecommerce accounting.

If you are a business owner shifting to remote financial work, here are some ways you can ensure that your business finances are stable:

1. Apply for government assistance

Most national and local governments have provided assistance to businesses that are financially affected by the COVID-19. It is done to help companies stay afloat despite the pandemic. To check your company's eligibility to receive fund and support assistance, contact your local government for details, requirements, and application process.

2. Request for a loan deferral

Given the current situation, small businesses are given the chance and access to a loan deferral agreement. That will help them adjust to the situation and keep their businesses afloat during the pandemic. Talk to your bank and insurer to come up with an agreement. You may also reach out to your bank's hardship team for personal mortgages or loan relief.

3. Communicate with the concerned individuals

As the revenue of your company decreases, some of your investors and loyal customers might back out. That is why you must keep them informed about your business's current situation and your plans in keeping it afloat despite the economic impact of the pandemic. You should also communicate with your employees and reassure them about your company's standing and how it may affect their employment.

If you have existing loans to pay, you should consider communicating with your creditors to request loan deferral is possible. Doing these will help ensure that your business's current financial standing will remain intact as much as possible by not losing any more of your sources.

4. Hire an online accounting firm

Now that most jobs are done remotely, it can be challenging, especially to small businesses, to track and manage their overall finances. To help ensure quality financial management and ecommerce accounting, you may consider hiring an online accounting firm that you can trust. When hiring one, make sure that you can quickly communicate with them. By doing so, you can spend your time focusing on other essential matters in your company.


Keeping your finances stable during the pandemic can be challenging. Now that many businesses were forced to shut down, you may have no other choice but to temporarily shift to remote work, making communication with your stakeholders tougher.

Given the situation, you should keep your finances stable by getting as much financial assistance and loan deferral as you can. To ensure that everything is streamlined, you can hire an online accounting firm to manage and settle your accounting in times of COVID-19.

If you are looking for an ecommerce accountant in Australia to manage your business finances properly, get in touch with our team today. We are a trusted online accounting firm that serves many businesses and helps them have an organized and well-managed ecommerce accounting, even remotely. Contact us today!

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