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How to Evolve from an Accounting Firm to a Business Growth Consulting Agency

Many e-commerce businesses across the globe outsource to an online accounting firm to help manage their finances. For the most part, they hire an accountant when they need to consolidate their funds by the end of the year or when the crucial tax season comes.

If you run an online accounting firm, you must be busy at a particular time of the year dealing with a handful of clients. You’ll only provide your accounting services when these clients are desperate with their accounting and tax-related needs.

Apart from accounting, why not use your free time to offer other valuable services? You can help clients grow and expand their business. You can evolve from an online accounting firm to a business growth consulting agency.

The transition from an accounting firm to a business growth expert

You may want to consider transitioning from being an accounting firm to a business growth expert. When you have done enough accounting services, you may have been exposed to other facets of a business. Apart from helping clients maintain their financial health, you must have been well-acquainted with financial investments, income generation, or sound business decisions.

For these reasons, you should be confident now to offer other valuable services beyond accounting and bookkeeping services. Instead of waiting for certain times of the year to work with specific clients, you can use your time to deal with other clients and help their business grow. Overall, this will help transform your accounting firm into a business growth consulting agency.

Here's what you can do:

1. Assess your knowledge, skills, and level of expertise

Before taking the plunge, you have to evaluate your knowledge, skills, and level of expertise in the world of business. See if you are familiar with the like of setting online stores in various e-commerce platforms, employing digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and content creation, and handling website creation, design, and development. From there, you’ll be able to gauge what particular services you can offer.

2. Reach out to business clients in the right industry

You can cater to various types of businesses in different industries as an accounting firm, but when it comes to business growth consulting, see what kinds of companies and industries you can cater to. By factoring your business knowledge, varied skills, and area of specialisation, you will be able to work with the right clients.

3. Promote new services like a business expert

Once you understand your business knowledge and the types of clients you can cater to, it’s time to market your new services. Be sure to promote these services as a business expert to gain trust and confidence from prospective clients. You can either work with your existing clients now as a business partner or look for new clients to help their business grow.


You can evolve from being an online accounting firm to a business growth expert. Not only will you help businesses grow over time, but you can also take your own up a notch!

Looking to transition from an online accounting firm to a business growth consulting agency? Book our free strategy session with one of our e-commerce accountants today! We provide e-commerce accounting services to help entrepreneurs increase profit, reduce tax, and grow as a business.

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