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How to Drive More e-Commerce Sales with Live Chat

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Operating an e-commerce business can be quite tricky. There are a handful of things to consider in attracting potential customers and converting sales. From updating the e-commerce website to employing effective marketing strategies down to generating leads, there are multiple ways to drive sales for your business.

One way to do so is to take advantage of live chat channels. If you're running a small online store and utilizing chat channels, it's not going to be a walk in the park. Sustaining the chat activities and allowing ample time to do so can be quite challenging. However, there are ways to optimize your live chat opportunities.

E-commerce accounting can be tough for small business owners, particularly those who have no experience in the sector. Fortunately, we’re here to make your life easier by helping you understand your financial figures. Need structuring advice? Assistance in making your business more profitable? Perhaps you should speak to one of our professionals via our live chat feature to find out what we can do for you!

If a live chat feature is one of the things you’ve been advised to do in order to drive more sales, here are four tips:

1. Chat during peak hours.

It's best to chat during peak hours. The goal is to be available on chat when your online business is the busiest. You can use Google Analytics to see traffic patterns and see when the peaks are. Once you've determined, you can choose one to two-hour shifts for live chat. Pay particular attention to how many chats you receive, and how many of those are productive. Experiment with chatting for a month or two. In a matter of time, you'll be able to discover the prime times where you need to be readily available for a chat.

Quick Tip #1: Whether or not it’s peak hours, we’re here to answer your queries. E-commerce accounting demands don’t wait for anyone. Our agents can help you with your e-commerce accounting concerns via live chat—just click on the tab on the bottom left side of your page!

2. Have control over your chatbox.

It helps to have full control over your chatbox. There are live chat software or apps that allow you to regulate when and how the chat window is displayed on your website. Look for software that can help you show and hide chat options.

Kick-off by hiding the chat option everywhere on your site. Then, start to adjust your rules and settings to display the chat strategically. Such a feature will help you make your chat channel readily available when your site is busy with prospective visitors. If you can't accomplish this with your current tool, it's practical to switch over to a better software provider.

Quick Tip #2: We put our live chat feature on full display on our website to make it easy for you to communicate with us. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Well, that’s why we’ve made getting in touch a breeze!

3. Focus on quality over quantity.

It makes sense to focus on quality over quantity. As a small-scale e-commerce business, it shouldn't be your goal to have as many live chats as you can due to limited time, resources, and people. The goal is to hit the peak hours and make the most out of them by ensuring you provide quality services and get prospects converted into sales. Start by requiring visitors to provide basic details before they start a chat. Filter out some folks who aren't seriously interested in your products. Finally, prepare to offer quick responses and relevant suggestions once the conversation begins.

Quick Tip #3: We want to give you quality advice. After all, we succeed when you succeed! By communicating with our agents via our live chat feature and telling them what you’re looking for, we can better guide you to what you need.

4. Get some feedback for store improvement.

Lastly, do not forget to get some feedback from the people you have chatted with. It helps to know how your website visitors think and feel about your brand, what they feel about your products or services, as well as what their needs are and what confuses, frustrates, and delights them. Gathering all this feedback will help you improve your chat endeavours and your e-commerce business as a whole.

Quick Tip #4: Giving us feedback helps us help you! Whether you're pleased or less than happy about our live chat services, we'd like to know so that we can better provide you with the e-commerce accounting expertise you require.

Ultimately, live chat channels can be an incredibly potent tool to attract customers, maximize conversion, and encourage repeat purchases. It's just a matter of knowing when the peak is and make the most out of your time and resources, particularly because you're a small-scale e-commerce business. Follow some of the tips mentioned above, and see how they can help your live chat effort to drive more sales for your business.

If you’re looking for an e-commerce accountant in Australia, get in touch with us today for a free consultation!

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