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Good leadership is more than business acumen

Being the boss isn't just about getting the strategy and financial management of your business right. It's also about becoming a good leader who can get the best from your workforce.

With the right leadership style, you keep your people engaged, happy and motivated to get the job done – and that’s good news for the future success of your business.

But what skills do you need to become a great leader?

Learning to lead your team

Being an inspiring and motivational leader is a vital competency in a boss.

Your ability to communicate your company vision, understand your workforce and provide the impetus behind your business model will all have an impact on the success of your venture.

To become an inspirational leader, you’ll need:

Confidence in your business vision and plan – so you have a clear idea of where you want to take the business and a plan of how to get there. With this clarity around the company’s mission, you can inspire your team to get behind your plan, share your values and work together towards a common shared goal.

Great communication skills – when communication is poor it’s hard to work cohesively as a team. If you can impart knowledge skillfully and explain your aims in the clearest way possible, this helps you to communicate your vision and the day-to-day tactics to your team. With a clear understanding, everyone can work together more effectively.

Emotional intelligence – business isn’t just about cold numbers and logical decisions. Being able to empathise with staff and understand what drives them emotionally is also incredibly important. With enhanced emotional intelligence you can put yourselves in the shoes of your employees, suppliers and customers – and understand their perspective.

An ability to inspire people – while you can push staff to be more motivated, to truly inspire them you need to set an example they can follow. This means becoming a role model and showing them the traits, skills and competencies that they can aspire to. If you can inspire your team in this way, you’ll create the most productive company culture.

Talk to us about improving your leadership skills

We can help you identify your key skills and competency gaps – and work with you to enhance your leadership abilities to become a more effective boss.

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