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Your Easy Guide to Finding an Accountant for Bloggers

Blogging is a fulfilling hobby that can eventually grow and turn into a full-time business. If you're a blogger just starting, the ideas and expectations can overwhelm you, especially when it comes to managing and paying taxes on your blog.

If you're looking for an accountant to help you with your finances, it's crucial to find someone who can help you at all stages of your blogging career. The good news is that finding a great accountant is a lot easier than you might think. Keep reading this article.

Choosing the Right Accountant for Bloggers

Finding the right accountant doesn't have to be difficult, but you do need to be prepared. Ask for recommendations from other bloggers. If you belong to a blogging community, talk to your peers and ask them for advice. Many bloggers know other bloggers who have used accountants in the past and their experience with them.

Additionally, it is vital to review your documentation and prepare. When you're looking for an accountant, have your documentation in order. It will make the process easier for your accountant so ensure that your documents and financial situation are clear to them.

To help you get started, here are some things you should ask your accountant before you hire them.

  • How many years of experience do you have as an accountant?

  • How familiar are you with blogging and blogging income reporting?

  • What is your experience with deducting blogging expenses and income?

  • What is your experience with tax filing?

  • What can you do to help me set goals for my blog's growth?

  • How can you help me save money?

  • How can you help me protect my business?

  • How can your accounting services help my business grow?

How to Save Money with Your Accountant

While you're in the process of finding an accountant, you might be interested in saving some money on your taxes. You can't always control your income or expenses, but you can control how much you pay to the government and how much you get to keep. Here are a few ways to save money with your accountant:

  • Deductions

If you're a blogger, you can take deductions for your blogging expenses. You can claim blogging expenses that are directly related to your business. That means you can claim the costs of your computer, website, and any other supplies you used to run your business. If you incurred costs while attending events and conferences, you could claim those as well.

  • Expense Tracking

As a blogger, you should be tracking your expenses to make reporting and paying taxes easier, but it can be hard to do this without the right tools. Using accounting software will help you track and categorise your expenses, which can help you ensure that your deductions are accurate.

This process is more straightforward if you use a cloud-based accounting solution. Cloud accounting means using your mobile device to access your financial information anywhere. You don't have to wait until you get home to see how well you're doing.


Now that you know how to find an accountant for bloggers, you're ready to start your search. You'll want to find a good fit, so make sure to ask the questions listed above, and don't be afraid to ask your accountant any questions you have.

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