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What to Consider When Hiring an E-commerce Tax Accountant

Whether you're an established or a new business, you'd know that the e-commerce world has rapidly risen in recent years. This new trend has allowed aspiring entrepreneurs to reach customers from different locations. It has also gained more prominence due to the pandemic, as people spent most of their time at home during the restrictions.

Although we can expect to see this rapid growth maintain a steady pace in the next few years, it also needs specialised accounting to stay ahead. However, doing this can be tricky, especially if you know nothing about taxes or already handle too much responsibility. Therefore, you should hire a reputable e-commerce tax accountant to help with your business's finances.

If you want to avoid overpaying taxes and legal issues from officials, this article will enumerate what to consider when hiring an e-commerce tax accountant for your business.

1. Experience

Experience is essential when finding an e-commerce tax accountant. You want someone who profoundly understands e-commerce tax laws and regulations and can navigate the complexities of online sales tax. Hire someone with a clean and proven track record of working with e-commerce businesses like yours.

A good tax professional should offer specific advice and guidance on tax planning, sales tax compliance, and other accounting matters unique to e-commerce businesses. On the other hand, an inexperienced one won't confidently give you what you need on the spot.

2. Credentials

Credentials are another essential factor to consider when finding an e-commerce tax expert. Look for a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with experience working with e-commerce businesses.

A CPA designation ensures they have completed the required education and training and passed a rigorous examination. Additionally, look for someone with completed additional training or certifications in e-commerce tax accounting.

3. Services

The services that your potential e-commerce accountant offers must match your business needs. A good e-commerce tax expert should confidently offer services tailored to your business, including tax planning, sales tax compliance, bookkeeping, and financial reporting.

They should also know your business's accounting software, like QuickBooks or Xero. Moreover, discuss your business needs with potential candidates to ensure they offer your required services.

4. Costs

Whether you're an established or new online business, you must find an e-commerce accountant who fits your budget. The cost of hiring this tax professional can vary widely depending on their experience, expertise, and location.

Ensure you understand their pricing structure and the services included in the fee. You should also ask about additional costs or expenses incurred when using their services.

5. Availability

Availability is another crucial factor when hiring an e-commerce tax professional. Like your best mate during a challenging time, you'd want an e-commerce tax accountant who'll always be ready to help, especially during the incoming tax season.

You want someone responsive and available to answer your questions and provide guidance when needed. Therefore, always discuss their availability and communication preferences upfront.

6. Referrals and Reviews

These factors are essential when finding an accountant for your e-commerce store. Referrals are recommendations from people you know and trust, while reviews are feedback from past customers. Regardless of your organisation's size or offering, you must always find reviews that mention specific services or issues relevant to your business.

When finding this essential financial expert, ask for referrals from other e-commerce business owners or experts. Read reviews carefully, seeking detailed and specific feedback on their services. You should also ensure they provide a balanced view of their work, as not all those commenting are trustworthy.


An e-commerce accountant can help you manage your online business's finances better and overcome tax season, but that only works if you hire a reputable one. You can find the best professional by considering your needs, reading the reviews, and conducting a thorough background check.

If your business needs a professional e-commerce accountant to handle your taxes in Australia, consult The ECommerce Accountant! Our quality services help your online store avoid legal trouble and understand financial figures. Contact us now!

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