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What To Consider in Choosing an eCommerce Accountant?

By hiring an eCommerce accountant, you are ceding control of one of the most crucial facets of your company: the finances. Therefore, you want to choose an eCommerce accountant that is reliable and informed about their field.

But selecting the appropriate accountant is important for more reasons than just being able to trust them with your financial information. Additionally, choosing the appropriate accountant should help your business while saving you time, money, and stress.

What To Consider in Choosing An Accountant For Your Online Business?

You already know that there are thousands of accountants and bookkeepers out there who all claim to be the best fit for your internet business if you've done a quick Google search. What constitutes "suitable" in this case, and what qualities should you seek in an eCommerce accountant?


Selecting an accountant with the necessary certifications, affiliations, and credentials for your nation is essential. While other nations may use different names like "Certified Public Accountant," "Member of the Association of International Accountants," and "Member of the Institute of Financial Accountants," the UK uses the term "Chartered Accountant."

Check to determine if they have the required accreditation, such as Xero Advisor Certification and partnership, and if they use a certain cloud-based accounting program.

Even if understanding Xero is crucial, you should concentrate on finding a business with experience integrating Xero with one or more online sales platforms. Only pay attention to badges that say "Xero eCommerce.

You then want to develop your eCommerce accounting experience. We don't mean a bookkeeper addicted to eBay or an accountant who occasionally dabbles in selling pogo sticks on Amazon. No, we refer to an accountant experienced in working with small eCommerce companies. Why?

They'll be acquainted with your eCommerce business's opportunities and difficulties and know how to employ the appropriate technology to complete basic tasks (such as uploading sales orders from Shopify into Xero). They will save time at your expense.


Before selecting an accountant, be sure they provide all the services you need. Ask for assistance in advance to prevent having to do it yourself or enlist the aid of someone else if you need assistance with investments, payroll, personal tax returns, or anything else.

Some eCommerce accountants might also include a few bonuses for you, such as multi-channel management eCommerce software, which can assist you in managing your company's finances and other areas.


Additionally, offer suggestions. You understand the value of suggestions and reviews as an online shop because you can't compete with them. Consult other online merchants in your forums and groups, look up internet evaluations, and solicit guidance from nearby SMEs. It's feasible that they will perform admirably for you if they currently do so for other businesses.


Your company functions in a highly technical, innovative, and dynamic industry, so you want your accountant to stay current. Ensure the eCommerce accounting firm you choose utilises cloud-based accounting programs like Xero.

It interacts directly with your bank account, is free to update, automatically backs up your data, allows for collaborative logins, and is easily integrated with your sales channel. You may view your finances whenever you choose (s). It also expedites and streamlines your accountant's work, which lowers their charges.


The final stage is to choose an accountant who will save you more money than they bill you. Choose a business that provides the price model you like (hourly, retainer, packages, etc.), and that will be proactive in putting your savings to use while also assisting with the expansion of your company.


The appropriate bookkeeper or accountant in Australia may be able to help your eCommerce business expand, save money, and become the successful online store you want it to be. They can also help you save time and avoid mistakes.

Business consultants are available through The ECommerce Accountant to assist various organisations and people in making the most of their finances. Contact us right away if you're searching for an accountant in Australia.

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