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Bang for the Buck: 3 Profitable Alternatives to Offering Discounts in Your E-Commerce Business

Customers are the heart of many businesses, especially when you’re running an e-commerce shop. In addition to implementing a solid digital marketing strategy to catapult your brand ahead of the saturated competition online, you also need clever ways to increase retail sales.

Discount promotions are one of the most common and classic methods that attract customers, but it isn’t always the best choice for your bottom line. While it can certainly catch attention, failing to meet your target sales can lead to costly consequences for your business.

Fortunately, there are better alternatives that can help make your revenue spike in a slow time for your shop with the sustainable methods below:

Tip #1: Add a Sense of Urgency by Offering Limited-Time Only Products

Discounts are effective in tempting consumers to pay attention to your products, but there’s nothing more persuasive than offering a great deal to curious shoppers that has a limited time on your virtual shelves.

Adding limited-time products can draw out excitement in shoppers, especially when you’re highlighting quality items that are nearly out-of-stock. By sparking a sense of urgency, interested buyers are prompted to make a purchasing decision sooner.

Tip #2: Don’t Downsell Your Price, Add More Value for the Right Cost

Buying a single item for its full price often leaves consumers wondering if there is a bang for the buck options. The fast-food industry has found a loophole in this shopping phenomenon by a clever tactic called bundling, which allows customers to put several related items at their cart at what seems like a more attractive price.

McDonald’s, for instance, can sell their burgers like hotcakes by offering fries and drinks with the order. For your brand, you can bundle another product, service, or asset that enhances the value of your item without costing your pocket. A product sample or a free e-book from an affiliated author, for instance, can do wonders at incentivizing consumers.

Tip #3: Build Loyalty and Trust with Transparent Pricing

When it comes to sales in this day and age, the trick to boosting your revenue is often rooted in honest marketing. It banks on establishing trust between your brand and customers by revealing how your products are priced in the market, allowing people to clearly see why your items deserve its costs.

Transparent pricing also cuts out the middlemen from your retail model, which can save costs for you and the consumers alike. With that in mind, showing the true nature of your e-commerce business helps build trust and inspire customers to feel like they are buying your products for a fair price.

The Bottom Line: Boost Your Profitability by Straying From Money Pits Like Discounting For Your Business

Discounting is an age-old strategy that can be a risky route for your business, especially if you’re running a small-time e-commerce shop with problematic cash flow. If you want to stand out from the crowd and help put the spotlight on your products, the tips above offer a more profitable alternative to enhance your sales and promotions.

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