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5 Things You Should Find in the Ideal eCommerce Accountant

Many recommend having an accountant from the very beginning of their small business, but it can be tricky due to budget constraints. However, if your eCommerce startup has the means to, hiring an accountant can be one of the best investments you can make.

An eCommerce accountant can handle your business’s financial data and concisely present it to you as the basis for decision making as you further your business growth. Having someone on the monetary side of things can be extremely beneficial, too, in terms of saving time and effort.

However, just like any other position in your company, it can take time to find the right person for the job. Setting up some qualifications can help narrow down the pool of accountants applying. Here are the basic things you should find in an ideal candidate:


It’s a must that your future eCommerce accountant is skilled and knowledgeable. One way to verify the legitimacy of their capabilities is through certification and documentation. They should be able to provide some certificates considering Australia’s vast number of accounting institutions and cloud software providers.

There’s no shortage of partnership and membership programmes that eCommerce accountants can connect with to use as a reference for their skill set. If an applicant has presented proper certification, you can be sure that they’ve undergone training and earned some experience under the wing of some of these accounting bodies.

Related Experience

It can be beneficial to have an accountant who’s had a few years under their belt and some experience in the accounting field. However, you need to ask how much of that experience will be related to your business’s niche. It can be hard if an applicant has been used to a different industry than yours as it’ll mean an adjustment period.

Ideally, you can find an accountant who’s already worked with a similar start-up. It can be an asset for your company if they’re knowledgeable about the eCommerce industry, how an eCommerce business operates and what can be done to increase sales.

Relevant Services

Similarly, an accountant who can provide skills and services related to the eCommerce industry will be much more helpful than just general services that won’t add value to your company. Make a list of the services you need to check if an applicant is compatible with what you’re looking for.

Good Resources

Tools such as software programs and technology should make financing more manageable. Search for an eCommerce accountant who can recommend and connect you with good software providers and equipment retailers. It would be even better if they already have a network to avoid exhausting resources in comparing different programs and potential partners.

Value for Money

Most importantly, you want to get what you pay for. Ask the amount of compensation they’re seeking and whether your business is agreeable to it with its current size and position. If an eCommerce accountant and what their firm has to offer is worth their price and within your budget, it may be viable for your business to employ them.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions in order to see whether it will be a match or not. Finding an accountant for your eCommerce business with these different qualities, connections and documents is a priority to bring forth many financial advantages for your company after all.

Looking for an eCommerce accounting firm to connect with? The ECommerce Accountant provides business advisors to online stores and influencers in Australia. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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