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4 ECommerce Trends You Need to Implement in 2021

The trends that have spawned into the eCommerce world in 2020 is sure to continue in 2021. This includes seeing more people relying on online shopping to get their items and needing proper shipping options to further fuel those purchases.

Although many of these trends started to spike due to the pandemic, it now seems that people are much more open to the idea of buying online as compared to ever before! Given that, there are many eCommerce trends you must start capitalising on right away to keep your business going for this business year.

To help you improve your eCommerce business, here are some trends you need to start working on to succeed in this year’s ventures:

1. Voice searches

More and more people are relying on voice-enabled searches to look for the things they need. From Google Assistant to Apple's Siri, there is plenty of software out there that facilitates this.

The results the assistants bring up are much different compared to if someone were to make a typed-up query. As such, the SEO for voice searches is essentially different from written questions. For that reason, if you want to rank high for voice searches, you will need to add onto your SEO strategy new techniques to be voice-search friendly. Utilising tips like using long-tail keywords and taking on a “spoken” tone in blogs is a great way to make your website cater to voice search, thus boosting your sales overall.

2. Sustainable practices

Sustainability is a trend that most if not all businesses have adopted. This is because movements to become more earth-friendly have been ongoing—forcing businesses to show that their practices are not damaging the environment!

That said, when it comes to eCommerce, there are many ways to integrate sustainability into it. For instance, you can opt for recyclable packaging or implement environmental friendliness into your brand. When people see that you are putting effort into becoming sustainable, they will become more inclined to buy from you.

3. Social media marketing

Social media has been used by various companies for quite some time to advertise their products and services. However, there have been changes to the marketing scene there, where people value more interaction with the company rather than seeing just empty posts on their feed.

To properly do social media marketing to boost your eCommerce efforts, you will have to be consistently posting content, optimise your paid advertising, and continually engage with your consumers. With these three done, your presence on social media will be fully-utilized, thus boosting your sales for the long haul!

4. Varied payment options

People want the freedom to choose how they want to pay—and this must be something you must offer in your online store.

From Visa to Mastercard, to PayPal and more, the more options you have for your customers to pay for products, the more motivated they are to buy your offers! Nothing is worse than stopping someone from buying your items just because you did not offer a payment option they like to use.


These trends will run rampant in 2021—and we believe they will continue for many years to come. Following this guide will give you a leg up over those who have yet to use them, allowing you to capture your audience's attention and secure your success this coming year.

If you are having trouble implementing any of the above, do not be afraid to reach out to digital agencies near you. They have the tools and expertise to integrate these trends into your eCommerce efforts, allowing you to focus on other business aspects while still being successful.

The ECommerce Accountant offers business advice for online stores to maximise their online ventures to achieve success. If you are looking for a Gold Coast eCommerce accountant to help you manage your finances, work with us today!

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