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3 Qualities to Consider When Hiring an E-Commerce Accountant - What to Know

No matter what e-commerce business you operate or how many people you serve, running an operation can prove to be quite challenging in many ways.

As more and more consumers continue to enter the digital marketplace, the abundance of more orders urges e-commerce businesses to adapt to the changing demands. Thanks to the advent of the e-commerce industry itself, it is more essential than ever to adapt with a robust financial system, giving way to the need for proper accounting practices.

Fortunately, taking on the great number of orders that your online shop is bound to receive doesn’t require an accounting degree or exceptional arithmetic skills. In fact, the services of a competent e-commerce accountant will suffice in helping you.

Why hiring the right e-commerce accountant matters

With the right accountant, you can help your business get on the path of eventual success with robust financial practices while having an easier time spotting opportunities for optimisation.

Aside from the opportunity to let a competent expert look after your online business’s own financials, there are three reasons you should invest in an e-commerce accountant’s services:

  • Opportunities for time savings as they efficiently performing key accounting tasks

  • Cost-savings in minimising the risk of costly errors while capitalising on opportunities for optimisation and resource maximisation

  • Valuable consulting skills for improving your business with their expertise, industry knowledge, and past experience with similar clients

What to look for when hiring an e-commerce accountant

Now, it may be easy to see that an accountant’s services are vital for your operation’s financial tasks, but the task of finding the right professional to work with is another story.

With the right tips mind, it is more than possible to find the most professional assistance that best suits your needs without enduring a costly trial-and-error process. If you’ve been meaning to improve your online business’s financial operations with the help of an e-commerce accountant, here are three key qualities to watch out for:

1. A wide range of qualifications

The best way to dissect and see an e-commerce accountant’s qualifications is to go over their list of relevant qualifications, association memberships, and certifications from establishments and governing bodies. Certain memberships and certifications, such as a Certified Public Accountant title and membership in the Association of International Accountants, show an accountant’s capabilities and represent their qualifications to best serve your needs.

2. A significant amount of experience

The value of experience is significant as it allows practitioners to think outside the box and equip themselves with the abilities to help any business in the best way possible. For e-commerce accountants, in particular, the experiences are best found in past client works with other online businesses of similar sizes and industry involvements.

3. A wide range of available services

Aside from experience and certifications, another quality that helps any e-commerce accountant present themselves as competent is an abundance of different services that are applicable to a business’s financial needs. From payroll and personal tax returns to additional bookkeeping services and consultations, working with an accountant that offers a wide range of services is well worth investing in.


Hiring an e-commerce accountant can easily give your business the immense advantage it needs to submit a large number of orders and demands it gets while opening up more opportunities to scale and grow. By keeping the three qualities mentioned above in mind when searching for the right accountant to work with, you can leave your e-commerce business’s finances in the right hands!

Are you looking for an e-commerce accountant in Australia? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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